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Oct. 4th, 2017 10:07 am
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Welcome to the landscape of my imagination, created by the digital deliriums of sims who are mostly puppets dangling from my fingertips. Their chaotic ways and methods will be a challenge to direct, having no pre-determined script (but there are rulesets!) by my hands. The only exception to this method of madness belongs to my modern hood. I have a story rolling around in my head, and the sims residing in the valley are quite cooperative for the most part in going along with my pre-ordained script.

The links to the left will take you to the latest chapter I want to share, while the links below will provide the tools that I have used in the staging process as well as the full set of chapters available. To return to this page at any time while you are visiting here, simply click the link in the upper left labled [Digital Deliriums].

Finally, Thank you for visiting and know that Comments are always welcomed.

Modern Hood Desiderata
Knocks Life
*~* *~*
Medieval Hood Yet
has fallen?
it all Began
Ruleset *~*
to-be-named *~* *~* *~*
Digital Delirium Links

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one more guide to write
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link place holder -  I plan on writing this ASAP
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First off the TL:DR message:

If you already know how to install Clean/Empty Hoods, then move on to the next guide, as there is no relative difference between Sims2 disk installation and Ultimate Collection, even on a Win10 system. However, I do have updated template links below the cut.

Table of Contents
C1. Which Player are You?
C2. Pick a Template
C3. Optional Step


C1. Which Player are You?

Do not start playing your game yet! We have more work to do before you start playing! Trust me! First read the section below that applies to you:

=== > This section has been written for those who are NEW to sims2 and have just installed Ultimate Collection.  Already know all this - lets move on.

New to Sims2 and UC )

=== > This section has been written for those who have previously played Sims2 using disks, and just installed UC for the first time.

Since you already know about clean/empty hoods, go pick your poison where-ever it may be. Follow their directions and move on to step C3 of this guide. If you DO NOT KNOW about clean/empty hoods templates, then you need to go back to the previous section.

C2. Pick a Template

Decide on the templates you want to use. This may not be a complete list, but these are the ones I remember best. Follow the directions of the author to a T. If you fail to do this, your installation will not work! And if you have trouble doing this, contact the author/fourm please. I could answer questions here, but THEY are more likely able to better assist you than myself.

Personally, I recommend Jawusa's and meetme2theriver templates...

These are listed in reverse chronological order of appearance:
 -- > ReRelease of Clean Templates - [tumblr link] by meetme2theriver on Oct 13, 2018 (to current)
 -- > Pleasantview with a Twist - [tumblr link] by strangetomato & meetmetotheriver on Sept 03 2018
 -- > ReRelease of Clean Steathhoods as Shopping Districts - [tumblr link] by meetme2theriver on July 29, 2018
 -- > Clean And Empty Neighborhood Templates - [MTS link] by Jawusa @ MTS on Jul 27 2018
 ------ > Extended testing details about these templates can be found here : http://www.modthesims.info/showthread.php?t=544800  [MTS link]
 ---- > Clean And Empty Stealth Hood Templates - [MTS link] by Jawusa @ MTS on Feb 22 2014
 -- > Overhauled Templates with Flavor - [tumblr link] by dreadpirate on 14 Mar 2018
 -- > Clean Premade EA/Maxis Neighborhoods V2 - [livejouranl link] by meetme2theriver on Feb 10 2011
 -- > Empty Vs Clean Templates - [dreamwidth link] by simgaroop on Apr 13 2008
 -- > Clean custom hoods + townie creation - [forum link] @MATY on Oct 09 2006

If I have missed one, or you would like to have one added, feel free to mention it to me! I will add it!

C3. Optional Step

Believe it or not, I actually created a Working copy of the game files and calling the original game file "Original-The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection". Now I have a patched version of the game without having ever played a single hood or sim, ready just in case I ever corrupt my game. Because of this, I won't ever have to do the steps listed in section B or C, Never-EVER again.

All you will have to do is "manually" delete the files of the corrupted Game, then Copy the files from "Original-The Sims2 Ultimate Collection" folder into the game path of "The Sims2 Ultimate Collection" Think of it as Clean Game with Clean Hoods ready for play at your fingertips! Mind you this piece of advice is only for games that refuse to load because of missing/broken game files. If its just a corrupted hood, I will address that in my troubleshooting guide.

Seriously! If you have the space on your system to do this, I HIGHLY recommend this Optional Step.

This covers the basic "Game Setup with Clean/Empty Hoods" for Ultimate Collection.
In my next section, I will discuss "Organize everything you Download".

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First off the TL:DR message:
Know your system specs, to include your graphics card and RAM. Note it down somewhere you can find it. Also be aware you need two folders for UC to work if you plan to add mods, CC or even just to play it. Those folders are "The Sims™ 2 Ultimate Collection" and "The Sims 2".

Table of Contents
A1. System Specifications
A2. Know your Graphics Card
A3. Gaming Directory Details

There is a TON of information out there for the old and new simmer alike, to look over, read, review and decide upon in regards to installing The Sims 2 on different operating systems. The only reason I am posting this, is because Win10 is 'a thing', and TS2 works on it, and I wanted to provide my own experiences on installation/game-play in hopes that perhaps it may be found useful to other simmers who are using Ultimate Collection on a Win10 operating system. Thus I bring you my series of recommendations for a FRESH game installation approach.

Click to Continue. )
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Table of Contents
B1. Installation
B2. Removing SecROM
B3. Setting Your Graphics
B4. Game Resolution Settings
Click here to Continue )
http://leefish.nl/mybb/showthread.php?tid=6688 [actual link]
http://www.leefish.nl/mybb/showthread.php?tid=6961&pid=36865#pid36865 [actual link]

B3. Setting Your Graphics

Your Graphics card is probably not going to recognize some settings in the game because the game is 10+ years old. Therefore you need to get your card recognized by the game. There is a really good link to go to about this:

  • http://digitalperversion.net/gardenofshadows/index.php?topic=21931.0  [actual link]
And I want to point out there are TWO methods to doing this.
  • First is the CFF Explorer Fix. (I am providing TWO links about CFF Explorer):
    http://lifasims.livejournal.com/3738.html  [actual link]  OR use
    http://arin-loves-to-sim.tumblr.com/post/136908411897/cff-explorer-ts2  [actual link]
  • The Second is the NTCore 4GB Patch, on page 8 of the above noted "Garden of Shadows" thread:
    http://www.ntcore.com/4gb_patch.php  [actual link]
Since the Data Execution Prevention portion noted above is TS3 info, I have added the information below for Windows 10 users:
--- Right Mouse Clicked Windows Icon [Your Windows Button], and selected "System"
--- In the box below Home, type "Advanced System Settings"
--- Select "View advanced system settings"
--- On the "Advanced" tab, select "Settings" in the Performance block.
--- Click on the tab labled "Data Execution and Prevention"
--- Check "Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select:"
--- Click on Add button and browse to the following Directory:
--- C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection\Fun with Pets\SP9\TSBin
--- and select Sims2EP9 then click on Open.
--- At the bottom of Performance Options, click apply and then Ok.
You will have to restart your system, but wait until you complete step B4 below !!!

B4. Game Resolution Settings

If you have not already done so, you need to adjust your screen resolution for those big screens/monitors we all may have. When it was released, The Sims 2 Mansion & Garden was designed to run on a 800x600 screen resolution. So if you have higher screen resolutions (which most of us do) available to you, you need to visit your "Display" on Settings window that you opened in the step B3 above and see what is available on your PC (may also be known as "Advanced display settings"). 

Jot those numbers down on some paper, and then follow this Tutorial on how add that information to your Sims 2 game :
https://simsvip.com/2014/07/20/the-sims-2-ultimate-collection-increase-resolution-guide/  [actual link] But do NOT start/create a Hood!

If we start a hood now, the game will become corrupt.

Bookmark the above tutorial (if you want) as we will come back to it. This is very important. We will come back to the last two steps, but for now, we just need to ensure your Config files have been setup properly!

At this time, you should close all dialog boxes and Restart your PC.

And that folks, covers the basic "Establishing a Clean Install" for Windows 10.
In my next section, I will discuss "Game Setup with Clean/Empty Hoods".
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As I come across tips and tricks, I will list them here. For now, this is just a place holder for the ton of notes I have set aside just for this particular page.
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I finally managed to get my hands on SC4 Mapper, and SC4 Terraformer, although the latter is not necessary. I just thought I would see how it would affect the landscaping. So my plan is to redesign some of the original Desiderata Valley, and mold the surrounding areas in mind with the story I want to tell. I highly doubt I will provide WIP images for that, since I personally do not see any excitement in someone wanting to see that being done.

I confess a certain portion of my Desiderata story will eventually link up to the Apocalyptic Challenge I eventually plan on doing. and if I fail at the challenge the story will go on. That is why I have not exactly started that challenge yet. I just need to go over the rules for it to decide if I can really truly do it the way I want to do it, or end up taking two of the sims from Desiderata Story-line and plop them down into the challenge.

The medieval hood is not going as well as I thought it would be. I have TONS of content to start building it, but I just have not been inspired for a story, but I WANT a medieval hood. My original concept was going to be about a game I used to play, but that has since change because I don't want to recommend that game any longer because of the toxic environment that now exists there. I won't name it either, so please do not ask.  I guess you could say this is my way of boycotting it. So... I need to find another inspiration for my medieval hood.I really want to see a lot of the "Sun and Moon Factory" objects in action, just because I feel they deserve some screen time; a whole lot of love went into those creations and Yeah.. this is perhaps one way for me to remember Sunni.

Believe it or not, I just recently learned what BACC is. I queried the web once or twice trying to figure out what it mean, when somewhere, I eventually found the answer. I thought perhaps I could challenge myself to use Maxis Match for it, but seeing as I have been planning other things, this one will be on a back burner for the moment. But I really would like to build a city (challenge) from a singular family just to see if I can do it.

And for my Alien Hood... I have a plan, but its gonna take a while to get to it. I first need to get through my story for Desiderata Valley...

The whole reason for this particular post is to state the obvious. Everything is currently in production behind the scenes. I am nearly done with my project although I have not posted any more WIPs posts. (I really do need to remember to take more pics of WIPs)  I had to step away from it for a short bit because I was distracted by shinnies (World of Warcraft), and because I had hit a pot-hole in the road with it. But.... its back to work again, and I am nearing completion. Once I have that done, then its moving on to making two more objects for my Hospital that will be the center of the story (or should I say.. stories).

Alien Hood

Apr. 28th, 2018 12:41 am
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Perma Page for Alien Hood.


Apr. 28th, 2018 12:09 am
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Holding page for the moment.

Editing to be done, once I have it proofed.


Oct. 12th, 2017 09:59 am
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Looking for where I found things? Hopefully these external links will take you to another world of adventure as you find new (existing and old) creators who have made downloading Custom Content an adventure in of itself. I will break down my resource lists to help you find that content.

General And Catagory Content: The Builders Resources Maxis Match Resources Neighborhood General Resources Storytelling Resources Hood Specific Content Lists:

Apocalypse Resources
  • ~*~
  • ~*~
BACC [build a city challenge] Resources
  • ~*~
  • ~*~
Desiderata Resources Medieval Resources Other Theme Resources BodyShop Resources
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Apocalyptic Challenge hood main frame.

Place holder for the time being to setup links.
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Medieval Hood main frame.

Place holder for the time being to setup links.
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Modern hood main frame.

Place holder for the time being to setup links.
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Sims2 Ultimate Collection My Musings and Ramblings Niche
FRESH game installation approach [Win10 Edition]
Mods-Hacks-Globals ~*~ Alien Apocalyptic
What I use in my games Space for Rent? Developmental Work Braiiiinnnnnnsssss!!!!
BaCC Desiderata Medieval Polgannon
In the Beginning...
My Story, not Maxis Before there were Planes, Trains and Automobiles... Murder-Mystery
Master List for Behind the Scenes
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Originally I started playing The Sims what seems a lifetime ago. I got my hands on the "The Sims Complete Collection" when it was on sale and the copyright information indicates that was somewhere around 2005, but I think it may have been a year after its release that I actually purchased it. I played it off and on, downloading custom content from places like TSR, Around the Sims, and a few others. I would play it until it crashed, then walk away from the game frustrated, feeling as if I had not had the chance to finish my simmy stories, only to come back around a couple of months later to start anew.

This went on for several years, and I never looked for solutions, or asked questions simply because I had not thought to even look into communities for that kind of information. Then one day, I found the Sims2 Double Deluxe version on sale, and purchased it even though I could not install it. My low-end system simply could not handle the graphics nor did it have enough memory. So it was a couple of years later that I finally managed to install it (suddenly having found it buried in the back of my desk drawer) but only after another failed sims1 session had crashed yet again. When the crashed happened, I said, "That's it, not playing sims1 anymore, oh wait!- I have sims2!!!! " This all happened during the summer of 2014.

... continued ... )

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